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Passive Aggressive First Thoughts - Nikon D4

I recently got a new camera. Fascinating stuff, I know. I lack the talent/effort to fully exploit all the things that it can do at this particular moment in time, so for now I’m going to do a brief overview of things that I have learnt in the 6 weeks or so that I’ve owned my Nikon D4.

Looks; Looks pro as fuck. What could be better than looking pro as fuck? Not much. It’s pretty massive and pretty cool looking too. Mine is a little beaten up, but I think that makes it look hard.

Battery; The battery life on it is grand. I recently did a week long tour with the camera as my only body, shooting around 600 frames & video every night, and I only gave it one little charge in the middle, which it didn’t actually really need. This is good, because I am very forgetful.

Photos; It is a camera. Taking photos well is important. This takes photos well. They look good unedited, and aren’t massive files, which is also nice. The D4 also does auto white balance really well, and seems to be better at colour than other cameras that I have owned in the past. Good.

Videos; I’m no expert, but the D4 does full HD video which is useful for shooting things in high definition. The fact that it weighs the same as a small child is good for a nice stable image, I think. Either that or I have developed meatier forearms…

The ability to take many photos in a comparatively short amount of time; The D4 has a burst mode that sounds like a machine gun going off, and that is cool. Completely unnecessary for the things I shoot, but cool nonetheless. If you were a person who photographs sports, or likes to do burst mode photos of ladies at photo expo shows (yeah, I still hate you guys), you would probably enjoy this feature a lot.

Things that light up; Backlit buttons. Very cool. Moderately Star Trek. Keen.

Build; Big. Heavy. Metal. No, not me. The D4 feels like something you could use to bludgeon someone to death if you so desired, and that is a good thing. NB; I do not condone violence in any form.

The ability to take much nicer photos in much darker spaces; The low light performance of the D4 is pretty nuts. I’m sure if you took photos using a tripod and a still life scene and went through all the iso settings, you could demonstrate how good it is in comparison to other cameras that are available, but on reflection I would rather push my hand into a blender than sit and do that. It’s good though.

And to aid the pretence that this is a well considered review and not something that I am winging; some cons.

Weight; My back isn’t in brilliant condition, so I guess one day the considerable weight of this camera will cause me considerable pain and yet more misery. Not a real problem right now though, as I think it being heavy is probably a good thing.

‘Interesting’ memory card options; The fuck is an XQD card and why does nobody sell them? Nice job Nikon.

The inability to claim I’m not that into taking pictures; This is the major gripe. I don’t like talking to other photographers all that much. This camera makes me look like someone who REALLY wants to talk about frame rates and cross type focus points and weather sealing and honestly, honestly I’d rather vote for the tories.

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