Jake Owens Photography

Venom Prison Tour Diary; Day 4, 5 & 6

Next stop on tour was Satan’s Hollow in Manchester. This venue is crazy, with loads of weird shit everywhere and a real sticky floor. It does have a circular(ish) stage in the middle of the room though, which made for some interesting shooting. Also we met Eddie who is 72 years old and came down to the show after reading about the band in Kerrang. Pretty cool.

After Manchester we had the quick (not that quick) blast down the M5 to Exeter where we played the Cavern. The day was actually quite nice weather wise, which made a change from the rest of the run. Highlights from this show were the bottle of Jack Daniels (cheers), and the guy trying to fight the bouncers as we were loading the van up. 

The last of our dates in the UK with Aversions Crown was down the road at the Anvil in Bournemouth. Traffic sucked and the drive seemed to take forever, but we did manage a quick scoot down to the beach and got given hot food from the promoter, which was a result. Wanna give a shoutout to Papa John’s for doing a banging pizza for a collection only deal (fist bump).

After the show in Bournemouth we had to drive straight to the ferry port in Dover, in time to catch our 04.20 ferry to Ieper fest. More on that on my next post…

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