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Venom Prison Tour Diary; Bloodstock

We rolled up to Bloodstock at around 9am on Sunday, and got ready to play easily the biggest show on the run. Loading up the Main Stage was easy thanks to the lovely festival crew, and there was even time for a coffee and a beer before the set. It was pretty nice having our own space to get changed in, as well as access to catering. Gotta love free food. 

Sadly I wasn’t able to access the stage to take any photos while the band were on, so all of the days photos are from the front of the stage. Not a major setback but I would have liked to have gotten a shot from behind the drums. Never mind. 

Bloodstock was my final day on this tour with Venom Prison, so a big shoutout to Larissa, Ash, Ben, Jeff & Jo, as well as Steve & Luke who were both top chaps. 

Photos below.

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