Jake Owens Photography

Venom Prison Tour Diary; Day 1, 2 & 3

Tour started in London at the Boston Music Room. Crown turnout was pretty good, shoutout to the deathcore bros and the guy with long dreadlocks going mental throughout, you did make me laugh. After the show everyone went back to their houses before Birmingham the next day.

Day 2 was Birmingham, in a venue called the Flapper. Fun little place by the canal, although nobody ventured for a swim in there… Quite a lairy crowd for this one, some good mosh on display, nice work Birmingham. After the show we drove up to Manchester for a nap. Most pleasant.

Day 3 we were up in Glasgow at Audio. The venue felt a bit more like a venue than the others from the tour so far, with some actual lights and a smoke machine. Big leagues mate. We took a few photos before the show for Revolver Magazine. There were some raji older guys at the show who were keen for a ruckus, which was fun. Nice one Glasgow.

We play Manchester today, at Satan’s Hollow. Should be a laugh.

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