Jake Owens Photography

Venom Prison Tour Diary; Ieper Fest

After our late night drive to Dover, we found out that it was our lucky day, and our ferry had broken down (???) and that we’d have to wait 2 hours for the next boat to Calais. What a treat. Luckily for us, our tour buddies in Aversion’s Crown were in front of us in the queue, so we went for some coffee (Guinness - cheers Mick), which made the time fly. 

After a miserable crossing (shoutout to the loud lads who came to sit next to 10 sleeping people to drink their beers and be obnoxious, you’re great dudes), we said bye to our new Australian pals and drove to Ypres. A few hours sleep in the van (the luxury of touring), and it was time to load in and play, before sitting at merch and watching some bands throughout the day. Props to Ieper Fest’s lovely vegan buffet, which got a work out from us lot. 

The day after was a day off, which in touring terms means a 14 hour trip back to Manchester to stay at Steve’s place and eat some vegetables. Blessed are the vegetables when you’re living in a van and being fed pizza 5 times a week. The day after was Bloodstock Open Air, but more on that on my next, and final update. Cue the photos.

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