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Preset Pack 1

£10.00 GBP

My first preset pack is finally ready. I've put together some of my most frequently used Lightroom presets in this pack, and hopefully these will help you with your editing. We have 3 gig ready presets, designed to help tame some tricky lighting situations which often occur at shows. I'm always trying to find nice, natural looking skin tones in my edits, and these presets should get you moving in the right direction for that. Then we have a great everyday preset, which I use for things such as portraiture and reportage work. I just really enjoy the tones of this one. Lastly we have a nice, contrasty black & white, with a hint of grain. This works well for portraiture, but also for gig photography as well. 

These presets, as with all presets, will almost certainly need some tweaking when being used, but I think they're a good base to work from, especially for gig shots where you need to quickly sort out the colour. I've used all of these for shots that have ended up in print publications, so they do work!

Final note; These are .XMP files, so will not be compatible with versions of Lightroom which are older than v7.3 (basically if you have the creative cloud version you should be fine). Sorry if this isn't handy for you, if you want specific help with an older version of LR, drop me an email and I will try to help.

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