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Gallery - Thy Art Is Murder - Conrad Open Air

Next up on our EU run was Conrad Open Air, in Austria. This was a Parkway Drive headline show at a cool little indoor/outdoor venue up a mountain in the middle of nowhere in Dornbirn. Very pleasant. Let’s see some scores.

Organisation; Solid. Lots of local crew. (7/10)

Food; Loads of catering. 5 trays of the same pasta dish for lunch, and an alarmingly yellow yet very pleasant curry for dinner. (7/10)

Coffee; Don’t think I had one all day. Alarming. (N/A)

Other Bands; Parkway Drive, good. Knocked Loose, good. Good buddies Miss May I, good. (8/10)

Stage; High, not too high. Moderate power failure due to rain. (6/10)

Tan Potential; Sunny all day. Bronzed. (10/10)

Mud; Some mud. Still stoked as a Brit. (9/10)

Location; Mountains. Rivers. A bridge to jump off. What more could you want. Several river swims were had. (10/10)

Amenities; Terrible Wifi. No shower for us Average at best loos. (2/10)

Indoor Smoking; What’s up with this Europe? Shit sucks, stop it.

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