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Gallery - Thy Art Is Murder - Download

My last day with the Thy Art guys was at Download Festival in sunny England. After a pretty normal drive from Switzerland, we arrived at Calais where, for some unknown reason, we stopped for some fuel in some bait industrial estate. A group of refugees rushed the bus and tried their hardest to get into the luggage compartments before the police were called and they ran off. Pretty scary experience for us, but it’s pretty sad to know that those people are that desperate that they’d try and sneak into the UK hiding under a bus. Poor bastards. 

We had time for some crap ferry food and a few beers, before we hit the UK, and the endless miles of 50mph average speed limits on EVERY FUCKING MOTORWAY. Everyone went to bed and I watched Evil Genius on Netflix (pretty cool, check it out), and we arrived at Download just in time to grab some catering and watch Avenged Sevenfold for a bit. Then it was off to bed and an early start for show day. Let’s see some scores.

Organisation; Solid. Lots of crew. Nice bus park with plenty of shuttle buses (8/10)

Food; Alarmingly average. What’s up with one meal ticket per day too? People eat more than once a day. This was pretty not great. Food was okay but pretty bland too. Found good chips and curry sauce in the punters area though (4/10)

Coffee; First cup was abysmal. Second cup (cheers Lee) was actually quite alright. (6/10)

Other Bands; Parkway Drive, good. Malevolence, good. The Fever 333, very good. Guns N Roses sucked though. A very boring 3.5 hours of some old dudes not being very good any more. (7/10)

Stage; On a hill so crowd shots look wonky. Pretty dark. Absolutely rammo though. (6/10)

Tan Potential; Started off grey, the Australians were smug. Sun came out and showed them what the fuck is up. (7/10)

Mud; Didn’t see any mud. AT DOWNLOAD. This is momentous. (15/10)

Location; Download innit. Good spot, absolutely pathetic to get out of though. (7/10)

Amenities; Terrible Wifi, terrible signal. There was a dressing room with no fridge. There was a tour supply though and a place where you could get a fade backstage. Too much ‘vip’ experience shit. (4/10)

Parkway being understated

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