Jake Owens Photography

Venom Prison for Revolver Magazine

Just before heading out on tour with Venom Prison in August, I received an email from the soon to be relaunched Revolver Magazine, asking whether they could use one of my images of the band for a feature on them. I agreed, and it was decided that I would take a shot of the band that they could run in the editorial, as the magazine wanted something else than what they had available. 

When we pulled into Glasgow (weirdly, one of the sunnier days on tour), we found a little side street and got to snapping. The magazine were keen on the images and picked one to run with their piece. It’s always nice seeing portrait shots printed, it doesn’t happen very often for me, so it’s a nice change! Thanks to the Revolver guys for the commission and for sending me over a few copies of the issue!

Collectable Mastodon Magazine cover 1 of 4 // Uprising Section front page

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